Meditation and the practice manager

Karin Barnes talks about how the Silva method of meditation can help busy practice managers, in association with Pam Swain.

‘Meditation’ and ‘Mindfulness’ are definitely buzzwords at the moment. But what exactly do they mean? How do you meditate? Are we suggesting that a busy practice manager sits in the corner, cross-legged, eyes closed, chanting ‘Om’ while staff, patients, sales reps, inspectors and whoever-else swirls around her?

Professional indemnity cover: who, what and why?

Bill Lumley, of Trafalgar Risk Management, provides guidance for practice managers on professional indemnity insurance.

The General Dental Council (GDC) requires all registrants to have “adequate” professional indemnity cover – this is a legal requirement under the Dentists Act (Amendment) Order 2005. GDC Standard 1.8 states “You must have appropriate arrangements in place for patients to seek compensation if they have suffered harm.” Standard 7.2.1 states “You must only carry out a task or type of treatment if you are appropriately trained, competent and indemnified”…