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GDC Standards for the dental team - Checklist

Shilla Talati continues her series of articles on the GDC standards for the dental team, this time looking at principles 3 and 4.

The General Dental Council (GDC) standards apply to all GDC registrants, including dentists, dental nurses and hygienists, dental therapists, orthodontic therapists, dental technicians and clinical dental technicians. Principle 3: Obtaining valid consent is about how and when discussions about consent are held and ensuring that all information about obtaining valid consent is documented. Principle 4: Maintain and protect patients’ information relates to the need for accurate, detailed, informative records. Principle 4 covers records and how they should be stored so they cannot be seen by unauthorised staff and the public, as per your duty of confidentiality towards the patient. Also under principle 4, if a patient’s information is given to a third party then consent should ideally be sought unless there are special circumstances.

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